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JA Shopeasy – is an online platform devoted and pledged to providing a hassle free and the best online shopping experience. It enables our customers to make purchases from a wide range of quality products and brands ranging from electronics, groceries, fashion, home appliances, Kid’s items and so on that they love and enjoy. Our long term goal is to have our presence throughout all the parishes in Jamaica and by extension the world and delivering a wide range of products from globally recognized manufacturing brands at rock bottom prices compared to the average retailer.

Customers will be able to purchase from the convenience of their homes, offices or on the go by simply clicking on the desired items, adding to their cart and then check out. This online platform not only allows customers to place an order, it also enables you to request a quotation on any of our items listed on our website for your business or personal use.

Top Customer Reviews

Cant Believe it was this easy to make my payments to get what I needed on the store I'm highly satisfied and got my delivery on time as promised. Definetly telling all my friends about JaShopEasy.com
ODane Denton
Im new to online shopping so was a little sceptic at first but this may actually be my favourite site to use I don't have to go to the supermarket any more I can just order what I want from the comfort of my own home than you shop easy 5 star service.
Sarah Baker
Made my first delivery today no hasstle all the instructions was on the site and got notified great shopping platform.
George Brown

Payment Methods

JA Shopeasy will run a 24 hours a day and a 7 days a week online store, with effective and timely delivery service. Our payment platform is highly secured and will readily accept the following:

services for orders not exceeding $20,000.00 JMD or simply SWIPE card upon delivery.

Cheques – Subjected to the discretion of JA Shopeasy’s management.

Products and Services:

All items that are listed on our website are inclusive of General Consumption Tax (GCT) and are
carefully selected from various brands to satisfy your shopping demands. We aim to provide our valued
customers with very competitive prices to that of other local online websites in Jamaica. In addition,
our customers are our priority and the center of our focus; hence why our team at JA Shopeasy are
committed and dedicated to make online shopping easier and convenient to our valued customers.

If an item is damaged by any member of the Ja Shopeasy team we will without a doubt replace any
items in question however, if the item is damaged by a customer after receiving it in a good condition
we are not responsible to replace same. Once an item is misplaced by our team, after doing the
necessary checks, we will have items replaced in a timely manner.

Delivery logistics & Verification

At JA Shopeasy, customers are able to receive their products through our delivery system offered
internally or if necessary we outsource delivery from local courier services with whom we have a
relationship so that goods get to customers in a timely manner upholding our 24-48 hours policy.
To verify that delivery is accurate and complete, the products will be checked against the delivery
invoice and the receiving party will be required to sign a delivery slip as well as presenting a valid
identification card.

Why Choose Us?

At JA Shopeasy our team members are highly competent and dedicated to the company and the growth
of the company; they are trained how to effectively resolve customer complaints. Customers can freely
chat with us via WhatsApp on our website during the period of day that live agents are available (9am-

Mission Statement

To sustain a professional business relationship with our customers as we provide quality services and products they need.

Vision Statement

To provide a safe and hassle free online shopping experience to our valued customers while maintaining and expanding our territory.

Value Statement

Serve with honesty and integrity and become the best at what we do.

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